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SITA Day of Travel Services

Your complete solution for bespoke location-aware airport apps

Wherever you are

Smooth start no matter where you are

  • Real-time flight status
  • Security wait times
  • Weather forecast at destination
  • Departing terminal information
  • Driving route to the airport and estimated drive time
  • Live traffic updates

Getting to the airport

Faster, less stressful journey to the airport

  • Quickest driving route to the airport
  • Current drive times with live traffic updates

Arriving at the airport

Informed and taken to where they need to go

  • Personalized welcome message
  • Check-in and bag-drop desk location
  • Latest flight updates

Navigating the airport

User friendly and content rich

  • Gate number for the departing flight
  • Directory of airport amenities with mapped locations
  • Wait time at security checkpoints
  • Graphical map with route to security checkpoints and gates
  • Time remaining before flight
  • Gate information updates
  • Turn by turn directions to gates

Shopping, eating & relaxing

Near me

  • Searchable list of nearby places to eat and shop, sorted in order of walk times
  • Nearest in-store promotions and offers

At the gate

Optimize gate time

  • Latest information about your flight
  • Updated weather forecast at destination

Help with transfers

Smooth connection

  • Personalized welcome message
  • Latest updates about your connecting flights
  • How to get to the connecting gate, including maps and walking times
  • More time to relax, eat and shop – due to the assistance provided

On arrival

Easy and fast exit

  • Where to claim your bags – including maps and walk times
  • Taxi stand and public transport information with directions

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Time and location driven, delivering the information your passengers need no matter where they are.

Only SITA’s Day of Travel Services offers a complete solution for the development of an airport app. Our digital and data services, complemented by our indoor positioning infrastructure, create a device-native mobile app built to the airport's specific needs and brand requirements.

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